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Little Pim SpanishEva cracks me up. She makes up words from time to time and then tells us that the words are French or Spanish or some other language. She doesn’t know another language but I think that she’d take strongly to learning another language. She also loves the iPad and the PBS Kids apps so I’m pretty sure I’m going to download the Little Pim Spanish app for her to use. We’ll have to report back after she’s used it for a while.

Okay so I wrote the paragraph above last night and today when I got home from work I bought and downloaded the app so that Eva and I could play with it a little bit before I had to go to sleep for the day. She enjoyed it very much. I liked it but here’s something I’d love to see changed. She figured out what object to click on right away and she would click all three quickly and miss out on hearing the reinforcement of the words from Little Pim. I think that making the app wait till Little Pim is done talking before registering another tap and thus bypassing what Pim said would be a good update. It is the reinforcement of hearing the words and associating it with the objects on screen that will make this stick. Eva wanted to continue to play but I needed my iPad. With all these great apps for her I think an iPad dedicated to the kids might be down the road.


Latest app from PBS KIDS introduces children to Spanish in a fun and interactive way

ARLINGTON, VA, August 15, 2011 – PBS today announced its newest educational app for iPad, LITTLE PIM SPANISH, is now available on the App Store. Adding to its successful PBS KIDS mobile app lineup, the new curriculum-based app helps children acquire Spanish language vocabulary while playing games with Little Pim, an animated panda bear who is the star of the direct-to-DVD LITTLE PIM language series.

“We know from research that the early years in a child’s development are an ideal time to introduce a foreign language, so it was important to us to create a language learning app for preschool-age kids,” said Lesli Rotenberg, Senior Vice President, Children’s Media, PBS. “LITTLE PIM SPANISH was designed specifically to introduce the Spanish language to young kids at this stage, when their brains are the most receptive to the sounds of different languages.”

“LITTLE PIM SPANISH is our first Spanish language learning app, which is something that parents have been asking us to develop,” said Jason Seiken, Senior Vice President, Interactive, Product Development, and Innovation, PBS. “Our PBS KIDS apps have been downloaded more than one million times to date, and we expect that number to continue to grow with the introduction of this new app that we know is so in demand.”

LITTLE PIM SPANISH is based on LITTLE PIM, an award-winning foreign-language teaching DVD series. The app helps young children develop basic Spanish vocabulary through three interactive games: “Eating and Drinking,” “Playtime” and “Wake up Smiling.” With three levels of play in each game, the app introduces a total of 60 vocabulary words, including nouns, verbs and short phrases. At each level, the game presents vocabulary words and phrases both visually and aurally, then provides activities that help players acquire the vocabulary, and lastly validates and reinforces newly acquired knowledge.

The LITTLE PIM SPANISH App is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPad or at

To learn about all PBS KIDS apps, visit

Images of the LITTLE PIM SPANISH App can be found on PBS PressRoom.

LITTLE PIM SPANISH is the latest addition to the PBS KIDS lineup of educational mobile content, joining other successful apps such as the PBS KIDS Video for iPad App and the SUPER WHY App. With a transmedia approach, PBS KIDS is increasingly serving children wherever they live, learn, and play – through mobile devices, as well as on TV, online, in the classroom, and through a new line of educational toys.

LITTLE PIM is the award-winning language direct-to-DVD series that makes it easy and fun to introduce young children to a foreign language at the age when they learn best. Using the Entertainment Immersion MethodTM, LITTLE PIM uses a combination of live action segments with animation of Little Pim the panda, the series’ lovable teacher. The method’s strategic use of repetition and building blocks of vocabulary guide young children through an easy, fun way to learn their first concepts in a second language. LITTLE PIM was designed specifically for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Research proves that children who learn a second language also tend to have stronger verbal, cognitive and analytical skills. LITTLE PIM was developed by Julia Pimsleur Levine, daughter of the renowned language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, in consultation with Dr. April Benasich, a leading neuroscientist.

PBS KIDS, the number one educational media brand for children, offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television, online and community-based programs. For more information on specific PBS KIDS programs supporting literacy, science, math and more, visit, or follow PBS KIDS on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: I have a relationship with PBS Kids. Occasionally I get some great Press Releases to share with you. Sometimes I get products to try out. In this instance I bought the app myself and shared my opinions, which are 100% mine, with you as well as shared the press release.

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