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  • Taking a walk with Google and finding out what there is about me in their vast archives. There is much more now but at this time there was little.

  • Maid of Honor, Lindsay with the Best Man Originally posted by Allison: Yesterday my friend Lindsay’s sister, Sara, got married. Sara was kind enough to invite my parents, Drew and me. It was a lovely ceremony in the backyard with family and friends. Tweet

  • Yesterday Allison and I along with her parents (Marcia and Dan) and her brother Nate and his girlfriend Sarah, and Allison’s friend Jess and her husband Eric went to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats Game. And of course our friend Maureen, a.k.a Mo also came to the game with us. In her own words, “I […]

  • I was impulsive yesterday and picked up a new toy. I got a

  • On May 13, 2004 Terry Crummitt passed away tragically in a car crash in Maryland. Who is Terry Crummitt you may ask? Terry was otherwise known as Snackboy. Tweet