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  • Yesterday I saw the Nick Cage movie National Treasure. After reading the Da Vinci Code and all the Dan Brown books I could see parallels between the stories. However I don’t see that one ripped off the other. National Treasure is a scavenger hunt through American History. I was pretty fascinated about the clues and […]

  • So this past weekend was Thanksgiving. Allison and I did a lot of holiday traveling throughout the weekend. First we went to the Cape for Thanksgiving with my family and then on Friday we headed up to New Hampshire to spend the weekend with Dan and Marcia. On Saturday Allison and Marcia went to look […]

  • Yesterday Allison and I went to my Grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving. Grandma was doing well and we are very thankful that she was with us. My mother cooked the turkey and it was very very tasty. Don’t worry I have a picture of my plate from yesterday’s dinner. However I am using a dial up […]

  • Before the poultry melee of the afternoon I will post about a few things. Allison and I are at the Cape with my Mom and Dad. We watched the Tim McGraw special last night. It was good except for the part with Nelly. What was that all about, the game of pool being interspersed between […]

  • From Allison and I to you, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. If you are shopping on Friday you may need a wake up call. Set one up at If you get bored over the weekend check out The Incredibles. I saw that movie today over in Bellingham and it was awesome. […]