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  • CMT is hiring for the ultimate in pop culture jobs. At $100,000 a year you can run a blog for… “The Dukes of Hazzard!” This is actually not a joke. How funny is that. Job offer. CMT Site Job description: Vice President, CMT The Dukes of Hazzard Institute* Get paid $100,000 for one year to […]

  • Here are my results. You scored as Jason Varitek. You are Jason Varitek. You are a natural leader and are highly respected by many. You are tough and will duke it out with any purple-lipped princess when it comes to defending your buddies, which makes you a very loyal friend. Oh Captain, my captain! Jason […]

  • Anna Pigeon, a park ranger at various national parks in the USA, is featured in: In Chronological Order Track of the Cat (1993) A Superior Death (1994) Ill Wind (1995) Firestorm (1996) Endangered Species (1997) Blind Descent (1998) Liberty Falling (1999) Deep South (2000) Blood Lure (2001) Hunting Season (2002) Flashback (2003) High Country (2004) […]

  • Okay so pictures have not gone up yet. I have posted them to Ophoto and should be able to link to them but if you wait one more day there will be photos on the MoBlog. Once they are on the MoBlog then you can see at least 60 of them. I haven’t had any […]

  • Lovefest III: First impressions of the evening. Tomorrow later in the day I will post images from lovefest but my first impressions of the evening were this. Ken has once again hosted a fantastic evening where many people can come together in mutual enjoyment of having fun. That’s it, having fun, the group that gathered […]