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  • Allison sent me this link a couple of days ago and since then I’ve read the site, watched the interviews and the trailer. Ellis Paul has written a song for this movie and so has Flynn and there is a snippet of the song on the website. The website I am talking about is for […]

  • Well I just watched the newest episode of LOST. It was a Locke-centric episode. Again a great episode. And the previews of next week hint at a character dying. It would be highly unlikely that a character would die, who was hinted at dying in the preview. Won’t happen. We’ll find out next week. Current […]

  • Last night Allison and I along with Allison’s friend Jen went to the Lyon’s Den at Wheaton College to see Christopher Williams. We haven’t seen Christopher for two years, not since he fell in love and moved away to Nashville and recently (4 months ago) he got married, congratulations! So we were excited to see […]

  • Just some random notes for Tuesday morning. I’m working from home today so I am up early. Duncan knocked the windowshade and made it fly open this morning around 5:30. So much for sleeping in a bit. I want to congratulate my friend Patrick on his recent engagement. Patrick we are so happy for you. […]

  • It is my sister Tara’s Birthday today. Happy Birthday! Tweet