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  • Photo-A-Day #52 05/30/05 Posted by: abennett96. This morning Allison and I took our bikes out for a ride and we saw my Aunt Corrine and Uncle Jeff and the kids. I told Jeff that I am going to sell the motorcycle and he wanted to know if he could take it for a ride. So […]

  • Photo-A-Day #51 05/29/05 Posted by: abennett96. On our way home from New Hampshire Allison and I stopped at Kimball Farm for lunch. Kimball Farm is a nice place with Golf, Miniature Golf, and a country store and ice cream. We had a nice couple of sandwiches and continued on our way home. Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day #50 05/28/05 Posted by: abennett96. Today Allison and I went to Nate and Sarah’s wedding reception/BBQ. This was taken right before Matt gave his speech for the two of them. It was very funny and touching. Nate and Sarah were already laughing before Matt even got going. Tweet

  • I just completed Clive chisellers Trojan Odyssey. What a fantastic book. This book really brings the Dirk Pitt adventures full circle. I’ve been with these characters now for 17 straight books and they are like old friends. The next book is a passing of the torch with Clive Cussler and his Son Dirk co-authoring the […]

  • Photo-A-Day #49 05/27/05 Posted by: abennett96. Bubbles galore. Rick blows bubbles to create a festive mood during a surprise bridal shower. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials Christine and Marc! Tweet