Rescue Me, Last Comic Standing is back

Last night brought with it the return of Last Comic Standing and Rescue Me.

First up LCS4. The worst thing about LCS4 is the two talent scouts. Ross Mark looked like he had somewhere better to be the whole entire time. He was not enthused about any of the performers and some performers whom they would have known about they clearly pretended not to know. They are talent scouts, you’d think they would have seen a Comedy Central Presents sometime in the last 8 years. Bob Read at least tries to be enthused. I think Ross is pissed that he’s no Simon Cowell, just a pissed off guy who is locked into having to watch a bunch of no talents to find those few that are actually good. His “Get the hell out of here!” is neither funny, ironic nor endearing. At least when Simon insults you he has the accent. I found myself watching the reactions of Ross Mark and wondering why he agreed to do another season, he looked so pathetic. Even when they did the judging at night he was so un-enthused.

Some good points of the show. Buck Star finally got to perform, he didn’t move on but he did get a chance to perform. I knew that he would get a chance to perform and that he would be a little funny. He had to be, he spent another year prepping for this and he followed the guys to every audition. He even has his own IMDB entry.

Gabriel Iglesias made it to the next round, this is a funny guy. It annoyed me that Ross and Bob pretended not to know who he was, they had to have heard of him.

At the Last Comic Standing 4 website you can vote for an online comedian who gets to perform during one of the later episodes. There are five different comedians each week. These are the folks that didn’t make it to the semi finals.

Rescue Me came back tonight. Tommy Gavin continues to screw up his life and those of the people around him. Some very interesting things are happening in the show however. One of the biggest things is Lenny Clark’s tremendous weight loss. Lenny Clark’s character has been in prison since the end of last season where he gunned down the drunk driver that killed Tommy’s son Connor. Rescue Me is like LOST in that when a character dies they end up still having some air time by showing up in Tommy’s hallucinations. This season looks to be just as tumultuous of the previous two. We should be seeing some good, and some tragic things coming our way.

Photo-A-Day #417 05/30/06

Doing the hippy, hippy shake. Because I work for a great place that gives me some good benefits like health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield I can take advantage of some cool programs. What I am holding is a pedometer that they sent me because I am taking advantage of Fit Blue. What is Fit Blue? Fit Blue is a weight loss program by Blue Cross Blue Shield. They sent me a pedometer, a measuring tape and a food journal. I also have a health coach that I talk with every couple of weeks.

I’ve heard that many people are also doing some weight loss blogs. I’m not going to turn this into that but I will probably try and put up the number of steps I took that day. Since starting the travel thing the airplane seats have gotten tighter, stairs have gotten higher and I’ve missed the gym as few times. Well, I am trying to get back on track and hope that Fit Blue will help out with goals and keeping me honest with myself.

Current goals are walking 45 minutes at least 3 times a week, rollerblading at least twice a week and making better eating decisions while on the road. (Allison takes good care of me at home.)