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  • Last night brought with it the return of Last Comic Standing and Rescue Me. First up LCS4. The worst thing about LCS4 is the two talent scouts. Ross Mark looked like he had somewhere better to be the whole entire time. He was not enthused about any of the performers and some performers whom they […]

  • Photo-A-Day #417 05/30/06Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet Doing the hippy, hippy shake. Because I work for a great place that gives me some good benefits like health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield I can take advantage of some cool programs. What I am holding is a pedometer that they sent me because I am […]

  • Photo-A-Day #416 05/29/06Posted by: abennett96 on BuzznetFlowers today. We went to a great cook out but I didn’t take any pictures. I must be slipping.Update on The Whale Trail. One of the whales has already been stolen. I can’t find any news articles on it yet however. It was on the radio this morning. Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day ..415 05/28/06Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet“Whale Come to Cape Cod” is the title of this art piece. “Whale Come to Cape Cod” is part of The Whale Trail art exhibit that is being shown all over Cape Cod this summer. There are 50 whales out at various locations all over the Cape that visitors […]

  • Photo-A-Day #414 05/27/06 Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet Today Allison and I were at the Cape. We slept in till 9:00 for the first time since te end of last summer. Being on the Cape is very conducive to good sleep. We went to see my cousin Nick pitch in his Babe Ruth baseball game. […]