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  • Today I went to Jasper, Indiana. Not my first time here either. In fact I was here in March of 2005. The German Place is called the Schintzelbank. It has a bunch of good food. I found my way here without much incident. I had two other guys following me on the road and I […]

  • Weird day for it but I just found this picture. My Dad had me take it on the front porch of the Cape house. This is Taylor sleeping on her spot on the front porch. She looked so relaxed and peaceful on a beautiful day. Last night Dad, Tara, Erik, Allison and I watched Dirty […]

  • Tonight Allison and I met Neil and Andrea for dinner at the Outlaw BBQ. This is a nice place for BBQ. We got our complimentary basket of Hush Puppies and then ordered another basket. These are the tastiest Hush Puppies around. We are spoiled when we go to other places because they just can’t match […]

  • I have found a program called Andrea Mosaic. It is pretty interesting. You can take a regular image and recreate it with a ton of small images. The program does this for you automatically and the program is free. I used it to make the image above and then used photoshop to animate it. So […]

  • This is all of the videos from the Lost Experience compiled together. Tweet