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  • Today I gave a demonstration here at Ready Randy’s. I have been looking forward to this for a while because, well, the place is called Ready Randy’s. It sounds like a seedy club for scantily clad women. However that was not the case. Ready Randy’s is a Sports Bar and Grill and also a banquet […]

  • Today I went to see Casino Royale at the AMC in the Mall of America. What an awesome movie. From the moment it began to the end it was an edge of the seat thrill ride. The action scenes at the beginning of the movie were incredible and I didn’t really miss all the gadgets. […]

  • I just read it today. Scott Kurtz over at the webcomic PVP (a term for online gaming for player vs player) is now taking his characters into the world of animation. PVP centers around a fictional office of great characters who create a fictional magazine called PVP. The comic has been around for 10 years. […]

  • Today I went back to Minnesota to the Mall of America. This place is pretty cool. It is huge and I can’t believe that it is only the 4th most popular mall in Minnesota. I walked around, went to a movie, drooled over the toys and the giant lego setups. This place has it all. […]

  • If you read the comments here on the blog you may have noticed that my friend Andy has put up another great rant. I asked him to critique the new BenSpark Bookstore. And he did critique it and then went off on his own journey. I thank Andy for critiquing the site. I have been […]