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  • Fitting that the last Photo-A-Day for this May would be a “May” Flower. This beauty bloomed the other day and it is a real eye catcher. I love the variety of flowers that my sister has planted around the house. Each day a new one comes up and I am amazed at the colors and […]

  • The Obligatory Bow Shot. This video ‘podcast’ was filmed on (Wednesday) but I only got to edit it tonight (Thursday) and I was only able to post it today (Friday). I went to Hopkinton State Park and paddled around the Hopkinton Reservoir. I took some photos with my Canon SD800is, the Sanyo was still on […]

  • I was contacted yesterday by a reporter from the local newspaper. He is doing an article on YouTube and people from the area who use it. It is such a coincidence of timing that I posted my videos only two days ago and not even 24 hours after it was posted I was contacted. I […]

  • This image is what is becoming known as the “obligatory bow shot”. It seems that whenever I am kayaking I take a shot of the bow of the boat and the horizon. So now I intentionally take one each time I go kayaking. Tweet

  • Today I had the day off. I had built up too many vacation days and needed to use some. So I had a day to myself. A true day just to myself. And I took advantage of that. I started by sleeping in a little bit. but not too long because today I was going […]