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  • It was a very very full day of demonstrations.And impending snowstorm threatens to strand me in Indianapolis. AS I look out the window right now I see no signs of the flaky white stuff. My flight is at 7:04am so it is going to be an early morning for me. I am so exhausted from […]

  • In more locations… That is what I thought about when I saw this flight of beers come to the table so I asked Sarah to drink them so that they looked like those AT&T commercials. And since she didn’t want to be in the photo she held the flight over her head. We had a […]

  • Today I am in Indiana and I was able to go and visit with Karen from The Pond and Tina from Tina’s Treasured Thoughts. You can see them both in today’s photo, Karen on the Left and Tina on the right. Karen had seen that I was going to be in Indiana and asked me […]

  • Today I traveled from Providence to Chicago by way of The Black Hole of the Eastern Seaboard. My flight from Providence to Philly was fine, after I got my bluetooth headset back. When I landed in Philly I found out that my flight was canceled so I was re-booked on another flight, so I didn’t […]

  • I am stuck in the Philly airport, again. Every time I go to this airport I get delayed. This time the universe upped the ante and kicked me in the nuts with a cancelled flight. So I am stuck in the airport awaiting the flight I was rebooked on. I hate this airport. Most days […]

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