Pin from Kokomo – PAD #1028

Pin from Kokomo - PAD #1028

It was a very very full day of demonstrations.And impending snowstorm threatens to strand me in Indianapolis. AS I look out the window right now I see no signs of the flaky white stuff. My flight is at 7:04am so it is going to be an early morning for me. I am so exhausted from the week. Kokomo has a Harley Davidson shop. I got another pin for my collection. I haven’t been to a Harley Shop in a while and it was cool to get back into finding them and getting pins. I must have over 80 by now.

I am at the hotel, dropping Entrecards, listing out ideas for my guest posts for the IZEA Blog. I am very excited about that gig. I am also a guest blogger for FuelMyBlog and I have to do a guest post for CutCaster again. The great thing about the IZEA gig is that for the next 6 months I’ll be getting $200 a month. Sweet. I am really going to focus and make great posts for new bloggers and veteran bloggers alike.

In the Midwest Blue Bunny is king of ice cream. I found a delicious treat that is heaven with a creamy vanilla ice cream. The Take 5 candy bar is amazing but with ice cream… incredible.

Blue Bunny, I love you!

Flight of the Conchords is on HBO and of course it is the one episode I have already seen. I skipped Lost because I wanted to watch it with Allison, she is watching it though. I did watch the recap episode. Very good one. I like the narration by Ben.

Oh and I saw a sign on a White Castle that was pretty funny. I guess it is a regular thing with White Castle. I’m not the only one who has seen this sort of thing.

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More Bars… PAD #1027

More Bars... PAD #1027

In more locations… That is what I thought about when I saw this flight of beers come to the table so I asked Sarah to drink them so that they looked like those AT&T commercials. And since she didn’t want to be in the photo she held the flight over her head.

We had a nice meal at Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery. We had some fried pickles and bottle caps, which are fried jalapeños. Very tasty. I also had the beef brisket sandwich, minus the bun. I took a photo of the tasty plate.

Beef Brisket and BBQ sauce...

I also shot my lunch as well.

Big day ahead tomorrow, gotta set up for my demos.

Today is my Mom’s Birthday.

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