Fancy Feet… PAD #1088

Fancy Feet... PAD #1088

Eva has the cutest socks ever. I am tempted to find her some other ones that look like other footwear. I hear that there are even some cowboy boot versions around.

Worked from home today, Allison was very sick. She is doing a bit better but day was spent at home. And it rained which didn’t help matters much at all. Hopefully it will get nicer this week so I can take Eva for another walk soon. Today she spent time in the jumparoo and I took her to the supermarket on my lunch hour.

Thank you Jumparoo

I did try and figure out how I am going to import the posts from BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo into this blog. AS you know I have decided to close the doors on BS2:EB. It proved too much to handle and still give quality content. So I set about getting the posts from that blog ready to be transplanted here. I’m not doing it all by hand as I did before. I’m working on a better way of importing. However I can’t simply import from Blogger, it is just not working with this blog. So I made a blog and imported there. Then I had to get rid of the posts that have already migrated here.

And now on to the Entrecard issue. There are some folks on Entrecard that are saying that the Social Spark Widget is making it impossible for them to Drop their Entrecard on this blog. Over 70 people had no problem dropping their cards today. I think one of the issues was with something in my sidebar, not the Social Spark code. I made a change to that.

If you are having trouble dropping your card here, please let me know. I am testing out Social Spark in their private Alpha and would be happy to hear a few things. But please tell me, What browser are you using, are you on dial up or high speed, how much RAM is in your computer and how fast is the CPU. Also what operating system are you using. Vague and unhelpful statements aren’t going to be of any use to anyone.

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The Machinski Family on the Big Give

Allison and I watched Oprah’s Big Give tonight and at the end there was a promo for next week. I was reading my book, The Treasure of Khan. I happened to look up and I saw Mike Machinski on The Big Give. Yes! A family that I know who could use a helping hand is getting help from Oprah’s Big give. How awesome is that. I am actually looking forward to watching a reality show next week, go figure.

You can help out the Machinski Family by going to Becky’s Jewelry site. Hope Creations.