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  • Photo-A-Day #1210 Today I started off on a mission to go and pick up a few things around the city. That was after I completed my demonstration for a client You know the real reason I am over here in London. But since I don’t talk about that I will have to find something else […]

  • Photo-A-Day #1209 Today I got up and headed out with my friend Bill. We were going to take the Big Bus Company Tour. We bought our tickets at the front desk of the hotel, then we went over to the Kilburn park Underground station. We got some day tickets for the ‘Tube’ and shot over […]

  • Photo-A-Day #1208 Tonight after our demonstrations we went to a nice little pub for dinner. In the upstairs ladies bathroom there was a giant painting on the wall. The ladies that I was with went upstairs and came down with some photos of the painting. They then decided that I needed to go up with […]

  • Animal cruelty is a terrible thing. Your young ones might come to you with some tough questions about animal cruelty. They might have seen an occurrence of cruelty or they may have seen something about it on TV. For example when the Michael Vick dog fighting information came out I’m sure that more than one […]

  • This has some spoilers it is a recap. Also I don’t have the video to embed because I am in the UK and can’t access Hulu. I will add it later when I get home. This past Friday’s episode of Psych has to have been the most 80’s reference laden one yet and I loved […]

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