Kiss That Frog

Kiss That Frog
Photo-A-Day #1544

I’m on a Peter Gabriel kick or something. Yesterday with Shock the Monkey and Today with Kiss That Frog. Oh, where is the frog? Here.

Kiss that Frog (Bonus)

I went with the lily because I love the richness of the color and the sharpness of the main lily with the green and purple backdrop. I didn’t think that the lilies were going to be the best shots today and so I took a ton of the frog. However, when I was reviewing my photos the lilies immediately capture my interest. I review the rest and yep, the first shots ended up being the ones I liked most. Funny how that sometimes works.

Things are moving like crazy for me lately. I had an interview with a reporter from the New York Times. I sign into Twitter tonight and there is a tweet from Ted Murphy and he’s hooked me up with an interview with Forbes. Wow! So look for BenSpark in your local and national publications. So overwhelmed.

Tonight Eva had a bit of a meltdown. Daddy has some patience however and can wait out the crying. Sometimes she just needs to get it out, regroup and then she can function. Eva refused to sit in her chair and wanted her milk with a cover off. I wasn’t up for dealing with spilled milk tonight so I had Allison put the cover on. Eva was upset, she wanted the cover off. She also wanted to eat in front of the TV and watch Marry Poppins. This past weekend we did a picnic in the living room. She wanted to do that again. We said no, she melted down.

When she finally calmed down she sat in front of her plate of turkey burgers and peas. I told her that if she ate a piece of burger I would get her ketchup. She proceeded to shove the piece of burger in her mouth, take one bite, look at me and demand “Ketchup!” I had to leave the room to keep from laughing.