Small and Squishy

Photo-A-Day #2366

My desk at work now has some small and squishy friends. I have a now Moshi Monsters Moshling, Some Trash Pack figures and some Ickee Stikeez and some new Hot Wheels Squinkies. There is a trend happening with small and squishy collectible products. Here is why they are hot, they are small, they are inexpensive and they are collectible. I’ll be talking about some of these products in some future posts but for now I’ve got them hanging out on my desk. Continue reading Small and Squishy

Whoa where did Thursday Go

Photo-A-Day #2365

I have no idea where today went. I spent most of the morning doing followup with many of the contacts I made at the Time to Play showcase. There were so many great people that I met and trying to get caught up on Follow up takes a long time. the thing is I write a personal note to each person that I made contact with and to write a personal note takes a good ten to twenty minutes. So I didn’t get to everyone. I’m getting there. Continue reading Whoa where did Thursday Go