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  • Photo-A-Day #145 08/31/05 Posted by: abennett96. This was a granite scuplture that was in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota airport. I wanted a photo when I landed on Monday, but ended up not having the camera ready, so I got it today. It is titled Monarch of the Plains. Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day #144 08/30/05 Posted by: abennett96. I ran down from Brookings to Sioux City Iowa to Rooster’s Harley-Davidson to pick up a pin. Parked outside was this very elaborate trike. It was named the Joker. Pretty sweet. Tweet

  • Tonight I went to see the movie The Brothers Grimm. A very good movie. There was humor, heart and some amazing sets. The fantasy world of the Grimm Fairy Tales came alive in stunning detail. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger were great as Will and Jacob Grimm respectively. They were very convincing as brothers and […]

  • Photo-A-Day #143 08/29/05 Posted by: abennett96. Tonight I ate here with Dan, John and Jessica. We agreed that we should have one of these back home. I think it would do well alongside a Chinese Buffet. It even had wireless access so you could have meetings there as well. Tweet

  • I am in South Dakota today. I started out from Boston this morning at 7:50am EST. I got to Sioux Falls, SD at 2:00pm CST. I got to the airport early enough where I got on a standby flight to Chicago. It is a good thing too because if I ended up on the flight […]