Photo-A-Day #235 11/29/05

Outboard motors again? I hate to use the subject matter two days in a row but tonight when I got to Mesquite, Texas I had dinner at Posado’s. Outside on the porch at the entrance to the restaurant I was amused to find about 15 outboard motors lined up as decorations. I really don’t know what outboard motors and mexican food have in common but It made for another interesting picture.

So today I drove from Camden, Arkansas to Mesquite, Texas. I made a stop in Texarkana at Doolin’s Harley Davidson and picked up some pins and a children’s book called “Why Grandpa Rides a Harley.” A good little book. We’ll be adding it to the books for grandkids that my mom has been collecting.

I was looking at a 5 hour ride through a part of the country that seems to have no radio stations whatsoever. On the ride from the hotel to the hospital today the seek button just spun through the dial. So I picked up a book on CD at Wal-Mart. And what I found was Eragon on CD. 14 hours of a fantastic book. I would reccommend this series. It is great so far.

Photo-A-Day #234 11/28/05

These are some lights on the side of the Flying Fish, a restaurant in Little Rock, AR. It took me all day to get here but I am now here and ready to get up at 5:00am to drive to the site to demo tomorrow.

I spent most of the day in Chicago O’Hare airport as my flight was delayed again and again. I finished Book Six of the Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony called For Love of Evil. A pretty good book in the series.