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  • Have you seen that Disney commercial where two kids are too excited to sleep on the night before their Disney trip, Yeah, that is us right now. Dang commercials and their insidious attacks on our subconcious. So, instead of sleeping right now we are watching videos on VH1, which coincidentally actually still has videos, albeit […]

  • Photo-A-Day #356 03/30/06 Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet Oliver and Duncan would not cooperate and get into the suitcases for a cute picture about them trying to stow away on our trip to Disney. Oh well, we leave tonight to go to a hotel near the airport for a quick trip in the morning. I […]

  • Photo-A-Day #355 03/29/06Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet Signs of Spring. These babies will probably be in bloom when we get back from Disney. Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day ..354 03/28/06Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet Home tonight, packed for Disney. Got pretty much everything in one bag except for the helmet for the race. That will have to find a home in Allison’s bag. Duncan still chasing shadows. Tweet

  • No we are not expecting. Just to dispel any thoughts on that subject. Before I get all sorts of hate e-mail and phone calls, NO we are NOT expecting. But alot of our friends are expecting or in the case of Jen and Ben they have a beautiful baby boy named Brett who was born […]