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  • We picked this frame up in Aruba during our honeymoon. Since we are finishing decorating our room at the Cape this weekend I thought I’d finally print out this picture and put it in the frame. This was from the roll of film that ran through the x-ray twice, thanks security for the grainy photographic […]

  • I am very excited about this movie, and was excited about the teaser but this was kinda lame, however it did very well as a teaser because it gave away very very little.

  • It is hot, and everything is sticky and gross. Envelopes are stuck together and it stinks. I can’t wait for some days without humidity. I played with Taylor out back and caught her in mid catch. Tweet

  • This trailer looks incredible. I can’t wait to see the movie next year. Apple – Trailers – Spider-Man 3 – Large Tweet

  • More Zach Braffy goodness on the way. I promise not to watch it get drunk and babble on about the brilliance of the movie and the shirt that he was wearing. (Long story many margaritas ago.) Check out. The Last Kiss Movie – Starring Zach Braff – Directed by Tony Goldwyn – Official Site Tweet