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  • Today Allison and I attended the wedding of my High School friend and Allison’s Book Club friend Marybeth. Marybeth and Damian were married today in Dedham MA at a beautiful church. The ceremony was very nice (I didn’t get any good pictures there). The reception was at Barker Tavern in Scituate, MA. This was a […]

  • Today Allison had breakfast with cousin Annie. I went out in search of a Nintendo Wii. It was a halfhearted search because I know it is not out there anywhere. I went to Comp USA and saw a TV that I think we will buy once I make enough with PayPerPost. By that time the […]

  • Today I spent the morning moving from my old closet to my new closet. The new closet is great, it has a set of shelves that were perfect for my collectibles and other stuff. Most of the morning was spent moving my Star Wars Lego collection. All in all there are 55 sets with 11276 […]

  • Tonight I took Dad and Erik to see Rocky Balboa. Overall I liked the movie a lot. I thought that many of the things that critics disliked I really enjoyed. I like movies with a plot. I didn’t need to see Rocky fighting throughout the movie. This was a movie that Sly had to make. […]

  • The folks over at PayPerPost have put up a year in review recap and Holiday special on RockStartup. This shows their Christmas parties (think bad karaoke and many shots) as well as giving back to the community by donating toys to Watch it for yourself. [youtube=] This was not a paid post. I just […]

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