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  • It looks like the trivia game is really taking off. There were 11 people participating yesterday. And did you know that the more people who participate the more points you can score. Neil got a whopping 11 points yesterday. Still looking for other topics, let me know what you are interested in having as a […]

  • This weekend Allison and I went Kayaking in Megansett Harbor with Kim and a tour from Cape Cod Kayak. This weekend marks the first time out on the water for Allison and the second time for me. How very sad, the entire summer almost over and we get out on the water at this late […]

  • And me without a paddle to smack some folks upside the head. I have the uncanny ability to go anywhere at anytime and be next to the most whacked out folks ever. It happens at movie theaters, at the lunch line, and basically anywhere that I have no way out. And the Kenny Chesney Concert […]

  • This is the message from the Kenny Chesney Concert. I wasn’t sure how this would come out, but I guess the sound didn’t come out so well. The sound is terrible! My pitiful phone captures what was really good sound and makes it horrendous. Oh Well, Enjoy the experience anyway. Tweet

  • Tonight Allison and I are off to see Kenny Chesney at Great Woods (Yeah I know it is Tweeter Center now but it will always be Great Woods in my heart.) We are meeting up with Beth and Jenn to tailgate in the parking lot. I’ll let you know how it was on Monday, or […]