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  • Today Allison and I were at her parent’s house for a BBQ. I got up this morning and went and got the ice for the beer and soda. Then I fogged the back yard for bugs and we prepared for everyone to arrive. Folks started arriving at 12:30pm and we had plenty of food, but […]

  • Tonight Allison and I were at James and Danielle’s new house. (Well, I haven’t been there yet and they have been there about a year now, so it is new to me.) We had a very good time and plenty of good food to eat. Ken and Alicia came over as well. And Dick and […]

  • Photo-A-Day #113 07/30/05 Posted by: abennett96. Tonight Allison and I went to James and Danielle’s for a BBQ. This is their Bloodhound Cara. She is a beautiful dog. Lots of energy. Tweet

  • In an attempt to make this site more compact and easier to navigate, without bombarding you with ads and long lists of links, I have been making some changes. The changes are taking longer than expected because of the numerous coding items that I am setting up for the site. I haven’t even thought of […]

  • Back when I was in Jr. High and High School the only place to see movies was Triboro plaza. Tonight I went to see Batman Begins with Andy. Triboro is exactly as I left it 10+ years ago. Not a thing has changed. The theaters, the concession stand, and even some of the video games […]