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  • Of course! Maybe we’ll stop blogging about it someday – but I wouldn’t count on it being anytime soon. The other day Drew posted about a special on SciFi about the movie. Well, I just found a link to the show and thought I’d share it. Click on “Resurrecting Firefly” to see the show. It’s […]

  • Photo-A-Day #175 09/30/05 Posted by: abennett96. The sky was beautiful this morning. However, rather than taking pictures I probably should have helped Allison take out the laundry. Otherwise Duncan and Oliver wouldn’t have been able to gang up on her and knock her cell phone into the abyss that is our front hall. Sunday is […]

  • I got this article from Wired News. Serenity is everywhere. You have to go and see it. It came out today. See Serenity. See it again. Wired News: Serenity’s a Smarter Space Opera Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day #174 09/29/05 Posted by: abennett96. From the Reagan National Airport I could see the Washington Monument. And on takeoff I saw the pentagon, tried to get a picture of that but it came out terrible. Tweet

  • I can’t say enough good about Serenity. I, along with thousands of other browncoats (that would be independents who fought in the war on the losing side and, in this case, fans of the cancelled TV show Firefly), are going to see this movie repeatedly. I already saw the movie back in May at a […]

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