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  • Photo-A-Day #206 10/31/05 Posted by: abennett96. Ah, I think my laptop is begining to show its age. The screen is now shifting randomly from time to time. We shall see what becomes of this over time. Hopefully a new laptop or a fix to this will occur soon. Good thing I only have two more […]

  • Okay so I didn’t take this actual picture but this morning as I was driving to work I went by a flock of wild turkeys and would have stopped to take the photo-a-day if I had the time. Maybe tomorrow or the next day if they were out again. There were about 15 of them […]

  • Last night was my Bachelor Party. It was great to see everyone. The four Groomsmen Neil, Derek, James and Ken. My Dad was there and so was my grandfather Andrew Sr. and my brother in-law Erik. My uncles Wayne, Murph, Dave, Fred and Rich were also there. Allison’s Dad and his friend Richie came down […]

  • Photo-A-Day #205 10/30/05 Posted by: abennett96. Today Allison and I took a ride over to the Big apple to pick up a pie and some apples. They make hommade donuts here. They were making a fresh batch while we were there. Tweet

  • When I was a kid I loved the Ed Emberley drawing books. I would always get them from the library. The other day I made a purchase through and saw that if I spent just a bit more I would get free shipping. So I saw on my Wish List that I had […]