Dreaming of Pokémon

Dreaming of Pokemon

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00636

Andy bought a Pikachu from Build a Bear a few weeks ago, it has become his go to Stuffed Animal. This has been the year of Pokémon for him. Andy loves playing the game and with the Pokémon Battle game that we got to review a while back I’ve learned how to play and so has Eva.

I was heading to bed and Allison peeked in on Andy, she had to show me how he was sleeping on top of Dave (his name for his Pikachu).

Rocking Guitar Hero

Rocking Guitar Hero

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00635

I recently pulled out my old gaming systems including the Wii U which runs old Wii games. I had Guitar Hero for the Wii and put it away when Andy was little because he kept fiddling with the guitars and pulled down the stand for them. So the game was relocated to the basement where it sat for several years. But now with the new office taking shape I wanted to bring that back up and well as my old games. We dusted (literally) off Guitar Hero and the guitars and gave them some play time tonight. The kids were so impressed by how Mom and Dad could play the songs (easy mode). The kids gave it a try and found it difficult but wanted to keep playing. Eva’s favorite son to play is Story of My Life by Social Distortion. Andy’s is School’s Out by Alice Cooper. He’s funny because he will trash talk me about getting the high score for the song but when I say, “I’ll play that one he does not want me to take that honor away from him. He’s getting better at the game, too. I think the kids will really enjoy playing.